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USS Ormsby (APA-49) - The Mighty "O"

This site is dedicated to the men who served aboard the USS Ormsby (APA-49) in the Pacific theater during WWII, and especially to the memory of my father (Earnie Trahan) . The Ormsby carried Dad to Tarawa, Kwajalein, Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Guam, Peleliu, Leyte, and other lesser-known locations, eventually all the way to Tokyo.

The USS Ormsby (APA-49) was named for a county in Nevada.

Displacement 13,910 t.(fl)
Length 459' 3"
Beam 63'
Draft 24'
Speed 16.5 kts.
       46 Officers
       478 Enlisted
Boat Complement (as commissioned)
       24 LCVP
       2 LCPL
       2 LCM(3)
Boat Complement (after 1945 refitting)
       19 LCVP
       2 LCM(6)
       1 LCM(3)
       1 LCPL
       1 LCPR
Troop Accommodations
       83 Officers
       1,465 Enlisted
Cargo Capacity 150,000 cu. ft., 2,700 t.
       two single 5"/38 dual purpose gun mounts
       two single 40mm AA gun mounts
       four twin 20mm AA gun mounts
       eighteen single 20mm AA gun mounts

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